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My ex said he needs my taxable income yet I never lived in AZ..filing seperate I live in IN is this true? do i have to give it?

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seperated in September 2013....divorced in January.2014..everything in seperate names..seperate houses in seperate names...............nothing in joint contest divorce judge just signed

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Perhaps your ex means that he needs to know of your income for a prior year when you were married? I suggest you talk to a competent CPA in Phoenix.

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Perhaps you can give more information. Where were you married? Where was your domicile when you were married?

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We lived together 2013 in same house (in his name in IN) till September2013 when he left for AZ..I had already moved out into a house with my name only..I never moved to AZ I stayed in IN ...we were married 11/11/11 in IN where I live (Indianapolis)....I filed for divorce when he left...he moved in with his sister in AZ . He still has his house here for sale in indianapolis...but I live in my own house in my own name....the divorce was final in January accountant says since we are filing seperate & I never lived in AZ then I shouldnt have to give my private info to my ex but my ex says its the law of AZ that he include it on his tax form ,is this true?. I dont want to disclouse my personal tax info to my ex .thankyou!

Gilberto Ochoa

Gilberto Ochoa


In community property states, like Arizona, even if you file separately your spouse's information is required to complete the income tax return because community property income is split 50-50. Community property is income earned immediately after marriage. If you give him your information, then he would be paying part of your income taxes. The question is - if you receive that benefit, then are you required to report your half of the community property in 2013? I suggest to retain a tax attorney to research your issues in detail. The IRS might get involve and maybe the divorce judge that signed the divorce decree might need to make a decision.

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