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My ex's attny did not file judgment. I was pro se. Can i open case in diff state. I need alimony. Married for 20 yrs

Syracuse, NY |

Long story. I worked our whole marriage while raising 2 boys. We moved to Florida, things got very bad, I had to come back to NY for emotional an financial support from my family. Had to get food stamps, medicaid for 2yrs. Never needed social svs in my life. Put in 40 to 50 percent of total house income during marriage . I need spousal maintenance so i can live on my own, not with my mother. I work fulltime and make 20k. My ex makes $70k, he took my boys out of country on ten day cruise has new car buys luxury along with bars dining out etc. He disobeyed judges rulings, etc. How can I get case from FL To NY,?

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  1. I don't know that you can, but I changed the Practice Area from, Litigation to Family Law, so hopefully someone else can help you out.

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  2. If he has remained in Fla and the divorce was filed and litigated there, and the children live there, you probably cant get the case moved. There are some uniform laws that govern interstate issues that most states have adopted. You should get a consult with a local family law atty to see if there is any way you can proceed. If there is a spousal support order in Fla and he hasnt obeyed, perhaps there is a way to enforce it from NY using the FLa district atty office.

  3. i agree with the other attorneys, it will be difficult to move the case to NY. You should see if you can hire a FLA. lawyer to assist you and see if they will agree to be paid once you start receiving support payments?

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  4. I have lived in Syracuse and Orlando. Practiced in Syracuse. Practice in Florida now. Your blurb is confusing. Are you already divorced; is there a case pending in Florida. Usually the divorce is in the last place the parties lived together as husband and wife. Litigation regarding children is usually where they lived the last 6 months prior to filing. If he continues to live in FL its hard to change the jurisdiction. If this case is in central Florida we do free consultations.