My ex owes me $5563, from a divorce settlement, payment terms were based on his pay and he has been paid every penny he owes.

This was a debt settlement in which he was to pay me $25,000, by paying $50 per pay period and 25% of his quarterly bonuses. Well he stopped paying two bonuses ago yet he still owes $5,563 to which he has now pocketed from his bonuses. He would be paid in full if 25% were pd from bonuses he was pd in July & Oct. But now he refuses to pay. I need the money desperately my car isn't driveable at the moment & we have two very active kids that i have to provide transportation to and from both schools, all practices & activities & he lives 70 miles away unwilling to help. I've been carless for 4 weeks & his money even a small portion would repair my car. Don't know what to do to get some immediate action. He is making up payments to say he's satisfied debt yet with no proof Of made up payments

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Jonathan Silvanus Udoka

Jonathan Silvanus Udoka

Family Law Attorney - Edmond, OK

Assuming that the settlement agreement was incorporated to the divorce decree, it has the same effect as any court order. When someone disobeys a court order, the court may impose sanctions on him. This is called Contempt of Court. You should contact your attorney about filing a contempt action against your ex-husband so that the court will compel him to pay what is due. He may also be ordered to pay penalties for disobeying the court's order. Make sure your attorney has a copy of the original divorce decree, the settlement agreement, and all proofs of payments that you have so far.

If you do not have an attorney, you can contact our Little Rock office at 501-772-9062.

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