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My Ex not following court ordered custody agreement.

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In the last court apperence we was told by the judge not to file any more motions and appear before him again. My children's father has completely ignored the final court order and refuses to let me pick up my children on my scheduled days. In addition, he was ordered by the court not to register the children in school without my approval of the school location and yet registered them anyway. The school refuses to allow me to remove them and states their legal department feels the court order is too vague.

That is part of the problem. The court already addressed the issue and stated he was not allowed to register the children in another school without my permission and he did it anyway. The school refuses to give me anything in writing as to the order being to vague. I have already requested that. Is the school going against the court order by refusing to allow me to remove my children and if so, do I have a legal right to remove them. I am a single mom with no resources to retain an attorney. If I have a case I would be willing to allow the attorney to retain any financial rewards. I just want my children.

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Well . . . I detect some sort of judicial frustration (probably because he thought the matters were duplicative or time-wasting), but if the matters have not been handled, they need to be addressed. Presumably, you have a log of your exe's transgressions, and can get something from CCSD abut the order being too vague. School choice is a classic matter requiring court intervention if the parents cannot agree -- see last year's Rivero opinion, posted at

I'd suggest getting all your data/evidence together (along with all prior orders), and making an appointment with competent counsel to review all of it and advise you of your options.

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