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My ex is not following a court order to pay child support...I went to Family court in Central Islip NY in February 2014, l

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I went to Family court in Central Islip NY in February 2014, My children's father was directed by the Judge to pay x amount of dollars every month. Previous child support payments were being taken out of his paycheck via CSEB. This hearing was to be our last in family court. The Judge stated this would be temporary as the Judge in the divorce case, which is going on right now, may offer me more support. I also asked about retro from the day I filed and she said it would be taken care of in the divorce proceedings. A couple of weeks after the hearing for child support I noticed the monies were not deposited directly into my account. When I called CSEB, they said they were no longer involved because the judge wrote "Direct" on the order.He has not given me support since. I have court5/6 what

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    Which court do you have on 5/6, Family or Supreme? You can ask the judge to order the support go through CSEB. If you are in the divorce case they should handle everything here on in. Speak to your attorney about this.

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  2. It depends upon the status of the order...but depending upon how far back the order was etntered you may have to file a new petition seeking to modify the order.

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  3. You should discuss this with the attorney handling your divorce. Temporary orders do expire, you might need another now.

  4. Contact a local divorce lawyer to assist you. Bring in the temporary order for your lawyer to review.

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