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My Ex is moving my kids far away. What can I do? And is it Legal?

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My ex moved from her original residence in Florida, to just over the Georgia state line a couple of years ago. It was only a 40minute drive for me to get them, so I didnt make that big of a deal about it. Now she is moving another 3 hours away, farther north in Georgia. I have a great relationship with my kids, I get them every other weekend and when ever else she is feeling generous. And I always have paid my child support like I am supposed to. Do I have any legal grounds to stand on. I really cant afford a lawyer, and she knows that. I make more than the requirements for legal aide, but after child support, insurance etc, their is just enough to live on. Would I even have a chance if I fought it? Or would I be throwing my money away?

Her new husband has accepted a job in Georgia. That is the reason for the move.

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When your ex moved to Georgia, did she obtain an order from the court allowing her to do so? Sounds as though maybe not since you did not argue the point with her. If her job was a requirement or she obtained a higher paying job, the court may allow. If she is unable to obtain work where she is and needs to transfer in order to do that, then perhaps the court would allow this. Also, if she would be moving closer to family in order to help her, this too could be a factor that would allow her to move. You do not state the ages of the children and that too can be a factor. If the children are not of "tender years" and wish to remain and perhaps live with you, this may be something you might want to look at. Children 10 years or older have a voice in the Duval Courts. There is just not enough information with which to really give you an answer. Many famly court attorneys, as well as myself, do not charge for consultation, You should call one of them or my office.

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