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My ex is bringing forth a fake email claiming that I wrote the violent email to him, but I did not and how can I prove that

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We have exchanged over 2,000 emails throughout the year and he claims the email was from a year ago. I have deleted my emails before the month of May, and that email is from January (last year obviously), so I have no record of our hundreds of emails prior to May after deleting them back then. What do I do to prove that the email he is using against me after a year for a restraining order is not mine....I'm saying a year because the date is from February of last year and the restraining order against me was filed by him this January. Is it his obligation to prove the email is mine supposedly or mine....if mine then how the hell do I prove that i did not write it! Also, in the most recent email he has brought forward (no violence though) from a few days prior to the filing of his

restraining order against me, I noticed he changed a word on the text to make it violent, and I had the original email where I opened my inbox found that specific email to make sure that the email eh provided was not changed at I did notice the change of word and this is why I do not even want to comment on that one year old email knowing that he could have altered anything he wanted and there is no record for me to compare it like I said I do not remember writing that to him at all.

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    contact your divorce attorney and let him know what is going on. Why does he want a restraining order?

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  2. His burden to prove it is authentic and he will have a hard time doing so when you show the email that you do have has been altered. Consult an attorney to review the emails for advice. It will likely be worth your time.

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  3. Can't understand from your question if the restraining order is the result of a civil action or a domestic relations matter etc. You need to meet with a local civil attorney to review this matter for you & be able to advise you properly before any possible violation of the restraining order might happen. Good luck.

    This is not intended to be legal advise or as legal representation. I am a California personal injury attorney . Be aware that every state has its own statute of limitations; and statutes & case laws that govern the handling of these matters.

  4. Contact the lawyer who did your divorce for counsel in how,to handle this.

  5. Contact your divorce lawyer to resolve.

  6. San Diego County offers a free advisory program for people who represent themselves in restraining order hearings. You need to respond in writing before your hearing. You should consult with an attorney, as your rights and liberties are at issue.

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