My ex husband sent me an email "I promise you there will be hell to pay if you mess things up" Can I sue or charge him?

We have been divorced for 8 years and he was abusive and still manipulates and abuses me this way thru emails. He has alot of money and seems to get away with it. I am tired of this treatment.

Rockledge, FL -

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Mark Raafat Malek

Mark Raafat Malek

Patent Application Attorney - Melbourne, FL

You definitely a question for your family law attorney. In FL, however, I believe you will find it difficult to get a restraining order unless there has been violence in the past. I agree with my colleague that it may be difficult to bring a civil suit for cyber bullying.

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Andrew Mark Jaffe

Andrew Mark Jaffe

Internet Lawyer - Akron, OH

The facts seem short of what it will take to sue him as a cyber bully.

You should contact a family law lawyer (your divorce lawyer) and get a restraining order. You say your ex has money. The family law guy may have a thought or two of how to pursue a settlement.

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