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My ex husband sent an email and scanned divorce decree to my superintendent. The email was full of lies and hatred. Defamation?

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Before reading, please understand that my ex has been convicted of DVPO violation and 2 counts of child neglect. 30 days in jail.

"Here you are (my name). Hard earned. Well done. Have fun with the VA.

Divorced at 12:29

Married at 3:44

Four hours or so. How I wish it were four minutes. Four is a wonderful number.

My greatest regret is how many times I've had to hear "I told you so", or "I warned you"...

Marrying for money or material things isn't exactly the best premise.

Take care of (my boyfriend's name) if ever he falls ill. He is a good man. Our daughters love him, and rightfully so.

Your trademark bullying, bossing, maltreat, abuse, and ambivalence serve nothing and only lead to tragedy as evidenced hereto.

Enjoy the attached papers. Trips all over Europe: Priceless"

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  1. I am sorry, it is imppossible to understand what your question is from the content .

    this advice is very general and no substitute for seeking advice from local counsel in or near Knoxville.I urge you to do so.

  2. He appears to be stating more of an opinion that fact, and therefore, it probably isn't defamation. But why was it sent to your superintendent? It appears to be addressed to you.

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