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My ex husband has custody of my 5 yrs little girl he is not her father we were divorce in 2005 she was born in 2007 i want back

Harrison, OH |

we try to work things out and get back together but he cheated on me and told police i was going to kill myself but i was at work doing my job i was depress that all and the judge gave him custudy of her judge told me 6 hrs a week and hoildays but i only see her 31/2 hrs a week not on hoildays or birthday or at school get to gethers

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You post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If he is not the father how does he have custody and why didn't paternity get raised during the custody transfer? I would consult a lawyer.

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Christopher Joseph Tamms

Christopher Joseph Tamms


"Your" post...typo


Without a change of circumstances of your ex or the child a court will not change custody. You may have more luck with expanding visitation especially if you haven't been getting the hours provided in the decree. It's a little late to raise paternity; it has been done but the court may not want to disestablishment him at this point, especially if he has been providing most if the care.

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The only way to straighten out this situation is to consult with a good family law attorney in your area. Obviously this was not done the first time around - and you see the results. This will not get fixed by itself. Contact an attorney and get this cleaned up.

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