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My ex husband had my parental rights terminated. He called me and wants me 2 take my son back because he cant handle him. Help.

Muskegon, MI |

My rights were terminated on my now 13 yr old son. My child wants to come home and live with me and so does his father now. His father can not handle him( he is autistic) and wants me to get my rights back and come get him. What would the best course of action be?

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Your fact pattern does not sound correct. In most court the only way a parent can terminate another parent parental rights is through a step parent adoption and the abandonment of the child by the bio parents. There appears to be more facts regarding your situation that needs to be addressed before anyone can give u sound legal advice.

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Mr. Carter is correct, on what grounds were you parental rights terminated? If it was a stepparent adoption, the process may be a little simpler than if rights were terminated during a CPS case.

More information is clearly needed before you can be properly advised on how to proceed.

Kelly G Lambert III

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If your rights were terminated by a neglect or criminal proceeding, your remedy would be to adopt. I think what the other lawyers are saying is that your ex has sole physical custody. I have attached a link on Custody to this answer to better serve you.

By: Daniel Findling

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