My ex-husband filed a motion to have child support/alimony modified to an existing order. What paperwork do I need to complete?

Asked over 1 year ago - Fort Myers, FL

child support or alimony has bot been paid to date (1 year)
ex-husband is working part time, and left a full time position to attend school
I have filed with child enforcement--I still have not heard back

Additional information

after a review of documents at the courthouse--he filed additional paperwork which stated he sent me copies of the motions which he filed--they were never sent to me. One stated I was in agreement with the request to reduce alimony.

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  1. Heather Morcroft

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    Answered . I understand that you are not coming on this forum to be told that you need to get an attorney, but in this case that is what you need to do. There are a number of different options for what you need to file, and they depend on a full financial picture, and review of your original order. The fact that you have chosen to go back to school does not change the fact that your income from your previous work is still likely to be imputed to you. Also it sounds like your ex is making untrue statements in his petition. And it sounds like you also have the Department of Revenue involved. It is not possible to answer the broad question of what paperwork you need to file in response to that kind of scenario without you actually reviewing your case and all the paperwork, including your original judgment and any subsequent modifications, with an attorney.

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  2. William Charles Rosenfelt


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    Answered . Please take steps to hire an attorney before this gets messier and harder for you to deal with. We cannot help you if we do not represent you. But best of luck to you.

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  3. Joshua Aaron Jones

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    Answered . I concur with my colleagues. Although the courts make most of the necessary legal forms available to the public for family law, those forms can create more of a mess than they help. I am often contacted by clients who tried to go it alone, only to make matters worse or to miss opportunities that could have led to a successful resolution of their positions. If you cannot afford an attorney and DOR is not willing or is unable to assist, you may want to give a call to your local legal aide organization. Whether they will take the case depends on a variety of factors, and the cost could be free or based on a sliding-scale.

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