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My ex has served me for being in contempt of child visitations? Are my children not allowed to be in extracurricular activities?

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He works an odd schedule overseas and is never gone for the same amount of time. I am the domicile parent and live in the parish where we resided while we were married. He moved four hours away to Gulf Breeze, Fl with his first ex wife and her three children. My 8 year old daughter was in allstars biddy basketball and she had games that weekend. He had no intention on bringing her to her game so I kept the kids, brought her to her games because as a parent that is teaching her very valuable lessons she will need in life. He is to exercise 8 days minimum out the month according to his work schedule. He had them 60 days last year total. I gave up mothers day, gave an extra week in July, gave up whole holidays instead of splitting them just to accommodate his schedule. Always at his convience

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You need to abide by the visitation schedule as closely as possible or ask the court to change the visitation schedule. The court will balance the father's right to visitation against the best interest of the children. Normally a court will side with the father over extracurricular activities of the children.

Every situation is different and you should consult your own attorney to go over all the particular facts in your case. The answer given is only intended to provide general guidance regarding rights and responsibilities.

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So this is my daughters passion and is in only one sport. My ex husband moved four hours and two states away from his children. What if she excels at basketball to where she is granted a scholarship. This is wrong on so many levels. He should have to fit in their life not them fit in his life two states away from their home and their life. I'm sorry but I strongly disagree with that.



And he also asks at the last minute too. The court order is very vague. Its according to his work schedule. He is only suppose to have them half of holidays and I give him the whole holiday if he won't be in the country the next month. I give him way more time than I'm suppose too and I still got served with contempt. He even put the wrong dates on his papers that the judge signed off on. He was out the country that weekend he is claiming contempt.



He's also not suppose to have them over four consecutive days in a row but he barely exercises his visitation and works a lot so I let him have them for nine days in a row if they are out of school. So can I still be held in contempt?



It would be awesome if I actually had an attorney who would talk to me and not treat me like a number! She's mistaken my case for others plenty of times. She acts like she has a vendetta and something to prove. She's very unhelpful even when my ex threatened to take the kids out of state I called her once on her cell on a Sunday for advice and I got chewed out cause it wasn't an emergency. I'm sorry but my ex leaving the state with my kids is an emergency. Sorry I ruined her lovely little Sunday!!!!!! And she said she would talk more about it tomorrow on the Monday and surprise surprise she never called do really what an i paying for again?!

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