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My ex had me arrested, and the charges were dropped by the DA, I was charged with 2 felonies.

Sacramento, CA |

. I went to my bank, I've been with for 10 years to cash a check that he'd written for spousal. My ex told the police more lies, to ensure I was taken to jail. The case was dropped, but this may keep me from finding work in healthcare. I was extremely humiliated, embarrassed, degraded. It was the worst thing I've ever been through. I have been pretty much blackballed at both of my banks one of which my car loan is at and they repo'd due to my ex telling them i have no $ to pay! when in fact I did, he just wasn't paying me on time.

He also used CLETS to find out info on my boyfriend, which i'm sure is illegal in CA.

Do I have a civil case?

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    Clets abuse has some criminal aspect to it, and much depends on whether the ex is in law enforcement. The pattern you describe is intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    You may want to start thinking like a victim if you want to win.

    Have you considered restraining order? intentional interference with contract (B&P 1700?)

    Hire a good civil attorney, pay him well and proceed;
    Do all of the victim actions (no-contact order, stalking complaint, police report)

    Good Luck with your forward advance.

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  2. Ask a civil attorney. You are in the criminal section. Good luck.
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  3. You should consult a civil plaintiff's attorney to determine your claims, if any.