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My ex got busted with meth- quite a bit, and it's not her first time. She bonded out but skipped bond and called asking me if th

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My ex got busted with meth- quite a bit, and it's not her first time. She bonded out but skipped bond and called asking me if the statute of limitations would apply and she could just lay low. -I didn't think so but told her I'd check (she was accidentally released from TDCJ years ago and since it was on them she was able to dodge until after her discharge- long way- date and I guess is hoping for another miracle.) Thanks for your time.

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  1. The SOL has nothing to do with how long it takes for a person to be apprehended. As long as the case is filed within the SOL, the warrant will remain active for however long it takes for her to be picked up.

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  2. Ms. Jaggers is quite correct. The SOL only has to do with the filing of the appropriate document. Further, the SOL usually stops running when the defendant disappears outside the state or voluntarily after being arraigned..

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  3. No luck on this one. One they skipped out on bond a warrant would have been issued. It will follow them until they are apprehended. Better to get an attorney that might be able to help them now before they get picked up on the warrant.

  4. No, once she is arrested and charged the statute of limitations tolls (doesn't start). If its a felony she will need to be indicted within 180 days. If indicted she's on the hook for life. If no billed, not indicted, by the grand jury then she is ok.

    Good luck

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