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My ex gf and i

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nevaer went to court and made an agreement to alternate years claiming our daughter on taxes, we both signed a piece of paper and got it noterized. does this make it legit?

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No, this has just made you guys sign a piece of paper and the notary confirms that the two of you are the persons who signed the paper. It has no real enforcement value whatsoever. As long as the two of you have agreed to it and stick to it, fine. Just don't rely on this if there is a dispute later on.

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so i guess my question is how do i make that document legit? were in agreement on custody and child support and neither wish to take it to court so how would i make it legit?


No, need to have a stipulation filed in a court case or an order signed by a judge to make it legal. This would be a paternity action

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No, it does not. In order for a "non-custodial parent" to claim a child on a tax return, the "custodial parent" (as defined by the IRS) will need to release their claim by completing IRS Form 8332. The "non-custodial parent" needs to attached the signed IRS Form 8332 with their tax return. A taxpayer must still meet the IRS dependency tests in order to claim the child on their return.

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