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My ex-friend owes me $5,200 from 8 years ago as of Dec. of 2012 she promised to pay back. can i take her to court?

Berwyn, IL |
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i lend a friend $6,000 in 2006. From 2006 until december 2012 she only paid me $750. i have texts and facebook messages as of october 2012 of her saying she will pay me when she can. Since she owes me money from 8 years ago but i have proof of her saying she will still pay me as of october of 2012 , can I still us the texts/facebook messages hold up in court? what type of attorney do i get and where can I find one in Berwyn Illinois?

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Go speak to a collection attorney. Bring all your proof with you. The attorney will tell you if you have a viable case in small claims. Best wishes.

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Use the Find a Lawyer tab
see collection attorney
Berwyn, IL

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