My ex and I got a civil union 5years ago in New Hampshire, it has now turned into a marriage Is there a way to get it dissolved?

Tried to get her to file, she lives in MA and I live in TX, but she refuses or says she will but then doesn't.

College Station, TX -

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Howard M Lewis

Howard M Lewis

Family Law Attorney - Framingham, MA

I am sorry that you are going through this. If you are married and cannot find your spouse you may be able to file a divorce by publication. You may file in the state that has jurisidction, chat with a local attny in your state and he or she will help you. Take care and Merry Christmas.

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Jayson Lutzky

Jayson Lutzky

Family Law Attorney - Bronx, NY

Speak to an experienced divorce lawyer in both MA and TX to see if you meet the residency requirement of either state. You can get a divorce even if the other side refuses to sign the paperwork.

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