My ex and I are going to court in 2 weeks be to modify the child support can I bring up our sons restitution and courts costs?

My son was arrested and is in a juvenile program now. He has court costs that has to be paid, restitution, and cost of care. I am going to bring this up in the amended child support hearing. My ex is going to say this should be discussed at a later date or this is not the venue to discuss this since he refuses to pay half these bills. When he says that what can my answer be? I appreciate any help because this is very stressful. We hired an attorney and he was getting very expensive so we had to let him go. The mediator said he overworked the case that is why the expenses were high. Plus my ex does not have a job so its not like I would be getting that money from him. Thanks. I appreciate it.

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John Arthur Smitten

John Arthur Smitten

Family Law Attorney - Clearwater, FL

Your sons criminal costs really hve little or nothing to do with child support hearings. Contact my office for free consultation 727-446-7659.

Matthew Thomas Majeski

Matthew Thomas Majeski

Child Support Lawyer - Woodbury, MN

Does the previous support order address these types of costs? That would control. You both can argue the issue and a judge can decide whether it's appropriate to bring in the amended proceeding and how costs should be assigned. There is a possibility the judge is going to encourage the both of you to work it out through ADR if the previous support order is silent on the issue.

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