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My employer sued me for leaving the company before the contract expires, can i defend they created a fake resume with 7 yrs exp

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The contract says they will give me training for few months, and put me in a job. It never mentions about creating a fake resume of 6-7 years of experience. The client program I was assigned to was expecting me to be an experienced person, but the only experience was 3 months of training. Can I defend myself because of the amount of physical and emotional stress I got which was not a part of contract.

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What are they asking for in their suit? Money damages? An injunction? Your company apparently put you in a position where you had a good likelihood of failing. Who would want to work for a place that was that dishonest? It must have been awful going to work every day and not knowing what you were supposed to know in order to do the job.

I recommend that you talk to an employment lawyer. Again, I don't know what your old company is asking for in the suit. However, there is something called the "clean hands doctrine," meaning that if you sue somebody in a court of equity (i.e. asking for something other than money damages) you had better not have done anything underhanded yourself. Your lawyer can tell you if the suit contains equitable remedies rather than just money damages. Good luck to you.

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Sorry, the fake resume of 6-7 years experience is not something that I understand. More information is necessary to answer your questions. The physical and emotional stress would have to be pretty bad to be a good reason to breach what appears to be a breach of contract action against you for leaving the company early.



3 months after I completed my undergraduate degree, I joined the consultant company. The company gave me 3 months of training. I had no prior experience before. However, my company created a fake resume stating that I worked in various places in United States for the last 7 years, e.g. 1 year a project in Texas, 2 years in another project in California, and submitted the resume to the end client. The end client was expecting me to work as if I were a 7 year experience person, with knowledge of everything. I had to work all weekends to complete the assignment within time. Do these factors even make a little defence for me?

Edward Clement Sweeney

Edward Clement Sweeney


Call an employment lawyer with further facts. This particular one does not resonate as a defense.

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