My employer changes my claimed tips to meet the threshold if I don't claim enough to cover minimum wage , is it illegal

Server in pa

Somerset, PA -

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Rochelle S. Rabin

Rochelle S. Rabin

Employment / Labor Attorney - Malvern, PA

This isn't legal advice, it's just my opinion based on what is on the PA Dept. of Labor and Industry page says regarding minimum wage & people who earn tips. It does look to be an illegal practice. Here's the website so you can read all about this yourself. At the bottom of the page there are phone numbers for the Bureau of Labor Compliance offices around the state. You may want to contact an attorney near you for legal advice before you do anything. You have to decide what action you want to take, if any, and also think about looking for a job where you are treated fairly, if you have a choice in your vicinity. Good luck to you.

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