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My elderly mother broke a leg. She was sent to Rehab. We did not recognize the name but apparently it was a Nursing Home

Braintree, MA |

that was closed some time ago. And reopened. It's hard to get a straight answer but it sounds like it the same group or personal with a different name. They are pushing to discharge her but then insisting that she needs Rehab and Therapy. An Elder Group told us of our rights under Medicare. Since the Rehab knows we spoke with the advisors they are hostile. The 'boss' said something so off the wall it was scary. We go to meeting and see the 'boss' and insurance 'care person' and their 'care person' talking. Then the meeting is a lecture of nonsense. If I dare open my mouth i am spoken to like a child and told I know nothing. I got up and and called the number posted for Elder Affairs, they said something about not dealing with Nursing Homes. Upon return the 'boss' said she was

was going to was someone...I said ok she got red and ran into her office I am trying to move my mother and apparently upon hearing this the Nursing Home called the potential Home, they wanted to me to know what they were doing. This is all too much. In the middle of it all my mother's friend showed up at the Nursing Home to see about putting her brother there, sadly he died overnight from a fall at an Assisted Living, but the Nursing Home told me they didn't want me discussing anything with that potential client. I felt threatened. Is this typical behavior with Nursing Homes doing Rehab and Ins, and what about medical privacy, phoning other Nursing Homes and then adding insult to injury after mistreating me and my mother telling up to keep their secrets.....I called our Estate Attorney and he said it wasn't his field and that he hears things like this all the time. Is it true? This is common? Where do these people get the nerve to behavior like this? Or better said how do you stop this intrusion?

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    Unfortunately, the conduct you describe is far too common. Nursing homes always claim that they are a wonderful place to be and that they treat residents and their family members as if they were their own family. Yet, once the resident is there, family members are often kept in the dark or in some cases, employees are openly hostile to them. It is sad. With respect to your specific case, you need to talk with a Massachusetts attorney who can provide you with the an answer that utilizes the specifics of Massachusetts law. Please call me friend David Hoey. He is in Massachusetts and is an excellent lawyer. In fact, he has a "10" rating here on Avvo. You can reach him at 877-529-4839. Good luck to you!

  2. Although contacting a nursing home malpractice attorney isn't a bad idea, you also may wish to call in a geriatric care manager (GCM). A GCM is a private social worker or nurse who specializes in working with the elderly. The GCM can assess your mother's situation and make recommendations about appropriate placement and services based on those needs and your mother's goals. Since GCMs are professionals, they tend to be treated with more respect than you apparently have been.

    If your mom's facility is on the South Shore, you could call Overlook C.A.R.E. at (781) 837-7444 and ask to meet with one of their GCMs.

    E. Alexandra "Sasha" Golden is a Massachusetts lawyer. All answers are based on Massachusetts law. All answers are for educational purposes and no attorney-client relationship is formed by providing an answer to a question.

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