My dui case shows up when I google my name. It shows up in one of the police briefof a newspaper website. Can anythin be done?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Norristown, PA

I was charged with DUI back in October 2011 in Pennsylvania. I have been on ARD program ever since. My concern is that my full name, address, details of the case show up on the very first page when my name is googled. This is concerning as this would probably harm my career and relationships in the future.

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  1. Ellis B. Klein


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    Answered . Unfortunately it is a public record and they are allowed to publish. If you filed for expungement, the official record has been destroyed. The internet, however, is a different story. You may want to look into a company that deals with restoring your image online. They may be able to plant some good stories on the internet to bury the bad ones.
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  2. Anthony Gil

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    Answered . Unfortunately, even if the court record is expunged, the information contained in the initial police report and subsequent newspaper article were public records prior to an expungement order. Your best bet is to attempt to sue the newspaper to get the information taken down. Even then, the newspaper will claim First Amendment privilege.

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  3. Geoffrey David Hood


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    Answered . I agree with Mr. Klein. The information is public record and there is nothing to prevent the newspaper from printing an article about it. Your best course of action maybe to look into hiring a service specializing in restoring your online reputation.

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  4. Charles K. Kenyon Jr.


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    Answered . It is currently public record. Once you have finished the ARD you may want to contact the newspaper and request that it be removed from the Internet or revised.

    You may want to talk with your DUI lawyer.

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