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My driving privilege was revoked in Michigan, I have a Colorado driver's license that is up for renewal, what do I do?

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My driving privilege was revoked in the State of Michigan for an OWI. However I was and still am a resident of Colorado and the State of Colorado did not take action on my license. It is time for me to renew my driver's license and one of the questions deals with being under suspension in another state, how should I answer this?

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You need to get your license reinstated in MI. MI is on the interstate compact agreement with CO and it is a surprise that CO has not revoked your DL here as of yet. So, you need to contact MI DMV and find out the reinstatement fee and the requirements (probably showing proof of insurance) to them to get them to clear the revocation in MI and in the interstate contact system. I know James Frederick in Livonia, MI is active on Avvo and might be able to assist or lead you in the correct direction. Good luck

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As much as I dislike contracting my friend chris Leroi, the State of Michigan was not a compact state last time I checked. You might want to check However, if you can get clearance in Michigan, the point will be mooted. Whatever you do, Do Not make an untruthful statement on the application you submit.

Jeffrey Larkin Wertz

Jeffrey Larkin Wertz


**contradicting, I meant.

Christopher Daniel Leroi

Christopher Daniel Leroi


Mr. Wertz is correct and that is why I appreciate him so much on this site. Georgia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Tennessee are the only states that are not members of the interstate compact. The other 45 states are. Given the fact that I am from MI, I should have known that.


MI is not a member of the interstate compact, so the DMV here will not automatically know your license is under suspension in another sate, but why risk it? If you answer NO and they find out later, you may be charged with felony forgery, felony attempting to influence a public servant, and other crimes. It's not worth it. Take Mr. Leroi's advice and get the MI matter cleared up first.


What matters is the NRVC - Non-resident Violator Compact and the DLC - Driver's License Compact. While both are compact acts, they are not the ICAOS (Interstate Compact Adult Offender Supervision) that governs the criminal side of things and that most attorneys refer to as the "Interstate Compact Act".

Michigan is not a member of the DLC or the NRVC; however, just because Michigan is not a member does not mean they have not placed a hold on your license in the National Register. When you go renew your license, Colorado will check your status is the National Register and if you are showing a hold from any state, Colorado will deny you a license and tell you that you must clear the hold before being allowed to renew your license.

As others have stated, do not falsify any legal documents with the DMV and get the hold cleared in Michigan asap. This issue will never go away until you resolve and meet your obligations in Michigan. I would expect MI to have a hold on you in the National register and for CO to honor that hold until MI releases it. Contact MI and figure out what needs to be done to resolve this issue.

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You will need to reinstate your driving privileges in Michigan before you renew your Colorado driver's license. Even though Michigan is one of five states that are not members of the Driver License Compact; Michigan does, however, report suspensions and serious traffic violations to the National Driver Register.

The Driver License Compact is used by states to exchange and report information concerning serious traffic violations, such as a DUI, and suspensions of non-resident violators back to their home state. The violator's home state would then in turn treat the offense as if it had been committed by the violator in their home state and apply any home state laws to the out-of-state offense.

The National Driver Register (NDR) is a national database used by states to report information on drivers who have had their driving privileges suspended or revoked or who have been convicted of serious traffic offenses such as a DUI. When a person goes to apply for a new state driver's license or to renew a driver's license, the state DMV will check to see if that person is on the National Driver Register. If that person is listed on the NDR, then the licensing state is required to investigate the report made by the state adding the person's name to the NDR. Depending on the report and investigation, the licensing state may refuse to issue a license or renew the license. The NDR was designed to prevent a person who's driver's license is suspended or revoked in one state from getting a license in another state.

The Colorado DMV will check to see if you have been added to the NDR. Most likely your name and information has been added to the NDR by Michigan because of the DUI conviction and suspension of your driving privileges. Under no circumstances should you give any false information on your renewal application. Once you clear up the suspension and reinstate your driving privileges in Michigan, you can renew your Colorado driver's license with no problems.



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