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My dog was attacked by another dog at an off leash dog park and injured the attacking dog. Am I liable?

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While at the dog park, my dog was attacked by another dog. The attacking dog was injured (bloody eye). I was beside the dogs at the time and saw my dog get attacked. The dog walker who was responsible for the other dog asked for my contact information claiming that my dog attacked hers. Am I in danger of having my dog labeled as dangerous or liable for damages?

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    I agree with my colleague. Protect yourself. Get Statements from witnesses and seek an attorney's help if you have any further contact about it. Do not give any statements. Good luck.

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  2. Yes, there is a possibility that this person will file a claim with animal control. If the facts are as you state, your dog was defending itself. That will be your defense to any dangerous dog claim, citation, or civil suit. I would see if you can get statements from other witnesses. You may want to consult with a local attorney. I would not give a statement to animal control until you do.

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  3. It is difficult to predict the future. Claims can be made about almost anything, the real question is, are they viable or provable claims?

    I suggest that you contact your renters or homeowners insurance carrier and report this incident to them and cooperate with their investigation. This type of situation is insured under homeowners or renters coverage. If you don't have coverage, it may be time to think about getting coverage. It will not protect you for this incident, but will protect you for the future.

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  4. Simply report it to your homeowners insurance carrier to resolve.