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My dog and father were attacked on our property by our neighbor's 2 dogs that escaped from there yard, can the dogs be removed?

Waterbury, CT |

My dog was walking into our garage to come into the house after doing her duty and my dad was with her and our neighbor's 2 dogs broke through the fence in there yard and dragged my dog out of my garage as she was walking into it and started attacking her in our driveway and my father as he was walking next to her and my dad's hands were all bitten up and my dog almost would have died if another neighbor of ours didn't intervene. She had to help my dad and dog get away by hitting the dogs with a broom. The neighbor that owned the dogs that attacked my dad and dog just kept yelling stop. The other neighbor that witnessed it when she was driving by stopped her car and ran to help. We have a police report and it was reported to animal control and animal control did not take them away.

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Sorry to hear. Animal control isn't required to remove them if not rabid. But the owner is liable for the damage caused by her dogs. Your dad should get needed medical treatment and would be best served by having a lawyer. I hope he and your dog make a good recovery. Feel free to contact me if I can assist.


Sorry to hear about what happened. Your father should be able to make a claim against the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance for his injuries as well as the medical costs for your dog.

Call a local personal injury attorney ASAP and do not give any recorded statements.

Good luck.

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A local personal injury lawyer can be retained to submit a claim to the homeowner's insurance carrier.

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