My divorce case says disposed (final) & dismissed for want of prosecution on Harris County website. What does that mean?

Asked about 1 year ago - Houston, TX

my wife filed 8-22-12 and I haven't received any paperwork?

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  1. Reid A Seino

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    Answered . Dismissed for want of prosecution=The court has dismissed her petition due to nothing being done on it. There is a certain amount of time that a person is given to proceed on their case, this is set usually by the presiding judge, and if nothing happens, a court will cycle through the case and dismiss it. In effect, this case filed by your wife has been dismissed. The divorce papers she filed are no longer valid. She could refile but she would need to pay the filing fees again.

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  2. Anneshia Miller Grant


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    Answered . It sounds like the court dismissed the claim due to inactivity. Most states require the pleadings to be served on the defendant within a particular time (e.g., in VA it's 120 days). After that time period runs, the court will clear the open cases by dismissing them. You or your wife would have to re-file the divorce to start the process anew.

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    Good luck.

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  3. Michael Glynn Busby Jr.


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    Answered . You are supposed to file the final paperwork and go to court to complete the divorce. You need to refile. Best to lawyer up. I am open Monday and if you have a deal with the spouse, should be inexpensive

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