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My daugtor is being really mistreated by the justice system and the child protective services i8 dont know how to get her help

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my grand son got a mark on the side of his face while playing with the neighbor boy he is 4 years old the school turned my daugtor into hot line state troopers questioned him cps did also he said the same to them they made her take him to a special dr he said the same they went to court and told her they didnt believe him that he was lying but they told her that the chidren can have no contact with all her family she cant drive she has eppilepsy which has gotten worse due to this they wont help her with day care when there are dr visits but threaten her if she doesnt go to them they will take the children they will not help her with transportation we always helped her with all of this now she has no one and when she calls me it breaks my heart to hear her its almost like she cant catch he

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I'm afraid it's a bit difficult to understand your narrative here. (Please see this Guide: .)

In general, this Q&A board is not intended for finding lawyers to work for you. Lawyers are explicitly prohibited from soliciting business in our answers. So you can't count on someone contacting you from this to help you. You'll need to take the initiative and contact a few people yourself, until you find someone you're comfortable with. Or, rather, your daughter will need to do so, though you can certainly help her find (and pay for) an attorney. This board is for specific questions about the law, not general pleas for assistance.

I know attorneys are expensive - though they may not always be as expensive as you think. I'll let you in on a secret - the job market for new attorneys is terrible these days, worse even than the job market in general. How bad it is varies from state to state, but in many states there are between five and ten attorneys for each available job. We are not near the bottom, we are THE bottom, dead last, in employability for professionals. So a lot of new attorneys are opening their own practices, and they charge a lot less than big firms or experienced old lawyers. They aren't as experienced, but they aren't necessarily worse for all that. When you're new, you obsessively check your work to be sure you're doing it right. I've seen older, experienced lawyers overreach, fail to proofread, and generally make really boneheaded mistakes.

The point is: Your daughter needs to consult in private with an attorney. A newer attorney might be cheaper than you think, and still a much better option than navigating this alone.

Please read the following notice: <br> <br> Jay Bodzin is licensed to practice law in the State of Oregon and the Federal District of Oregon, and cannot give advice about the laws of other jurisdictions. All comments on this site are intended for informational purposes only, and do not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. No posts or comments on this site are in any way confidential. Each case is unique. You are advised to have counsel at all stages of any legal proceeding, and to speak with your own lawyer in private to get advice about your specific situation. <br> <br> Jay Bodzin, Northwest Law Office, 2075 SW First Avenue, Suite 2J, Portland, OR 97201 | Telephone: 503-227-0965 | Facsimile: 503-345-0926 | Email: | Online:

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Welcome to the world of child protection. That's the zealous protection of children. There is no limit as to what CPS can get away with. Children are the new oil. Substantial federal funding pays for all this. There is no way out depending on the nature of the allegation.

Good luck.

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Jay Bodzin

Jay Bodzin


"Children are the new oil" - worth $125 a barrel? Whut?

Peter Christopher Lomtevas

Peter Christopher Lomtevas


When gold is down, kids are up.


Not only do you not ask a question, but this is why run on sentences are grammatically illegal. You are apparently griping about CPS investigating a mark on your grandson's face and siding with your daughter despite some reason that CPS is investigating the mark and won't let you see the child (perhaps you are a suspect). Perhaps you or she should consult an attorney to review your rights and remedies for any violations.

If you found this "helpful" or "best answer," please click it with my appreciation. My response is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice nor creates an attorney client relationship which requires all the details and a personal conference.

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