My daughter will turn 18 in July and is enrolled in College...Can I apply for Child Support to be continued?

Since I wasn't married to my daughter's Father and didn't know I had the option to ask for Child Support to continue while she is in College can I pursue that now. And is College considered a secondary school that I read in law the support would continue until she is 19? Thank you

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Under current Maryland Law, child support continues until: age 18, graduation from high school but no longer than age 19.
Once she turns 18 and has graduated from college the other parent does not have a legal responsibility to pay support anymore.

Christina M Bayne

Christina M Bayne

Family Law Attorney - Glen Burnie, MD

Maryland law only provides for child support until the age of 18, graduation from high school, however, not past the age of 19. Therefore, since your daughter graduated from high school, her father can not be ordered to pay child support. College is not considered a secondary school.

Hillary Johns

Hillary Johns

Family Law Attorney - San Diego, CA

I'm licensed in California although this is a summary of the support laws in your state which I understand to be Maryland.

It sounds like you've waited too long. Child support past the age of majority is usually voluntary and can be done with the written consent of the other parent codified in a court order. I would suggest that you speak with a family law lawyer licensed in your state as to how to proceed.

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