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My daughter was hit by another vehicle while driving a company truck. What should she do?

Corinth, TX |

she was released by the hospital and told she needed to go to a med. facility because of workers comp. But, they wont see her until authorized. She has not been able to get authorization from the company insurance co., she has tried talking to them and gets run in a circle until she ends up on voice mail. She's talked to her boss and he says he's looking into it.
also, she has another job she works at that she is losing wages from. She has not contacted the other drivers insurance yet.

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If she's getting the run around for this long, I would recommend she contact an attorney immediately. Because the accident was another driver's fault, she will be able to recover not just from worker's comp, but also from the 3rd party's insurance company. If and when W/C gets involved, they will want to subrogate when you recover from the 3rd party. If you have any questions or want to discuss further, feel free to contact me.

Sam K. Mukerji

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Your daughter needs to speak to a personal injury attorney soon. I understand she was on the job while driving a company truck. The at-fault driver's insurance company is responsible for her medical bills and damages. Worker's comp should not be involved. I'm happy to discuss this with you.


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Rarely will insurance companies pay a fair amount without being forced to. An attorney who knows how to try the case against them can often apply the pressure necessary to make that happen. We would be happy to discuss this with you, and we handle cases all over the state. Feel free to call us at: 713-255-2055

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Your daughter needs to speak with a personal injury attorney who knows about workers' compensation and can put pressure on the WC carrier. In the alternative, she may want to proceed with seeing a physician if she has health insurance or other means to see a dr.

Outside insurance is preferable to using a comp carrier in this type of case, if available, because a lot of comp carriers are overly eager to have their patients return to work and sometimes clear injuries before they have healed.

Sounds like your daughter has a lot going on. I would be happy to visit with her and answer any questions she may have. I can be reached at 817/877-3355

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You daughter can make it a claim against the driver 's insurance and make a claim for workers compensation benefits if accident happened while working.


Your daughter may also contact Texas Division of Workers Compensation at (800) 252-7031 to file a claim for workers compensation benefits.

Your daughter should not give a statement, give access to your medical information or sign any insurance company forms without speaking to a lawyer.

The insurance company is not your friend and is not concerned with your injuries and pain.

Their goal is to make $ by paying as little as possible on the claim. They will frustrate your daughter by delaying payment, giving you a low offer, or denying claim hoping you will get mad and go away.

I should know because I worked as a lawyer for insurance companies for 10 years.

You may a claim to recover: (1) medical bills; (2) lost wages; (3) compensation for pain, impairment, and disfigurement.

I would be more than happy to talk with your daughter about the accident. I can be reached at (214) 800-3454 and my office is in Dallas. We handle cases all over DFW area.

Please visit the links below for free information about car accidents. You can also send a confidential e-mail to my website at



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