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My daughter was arrested for an f4 felony theft. She is 20 and this is a first time offense. stole from her grandparents.

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boyfriend was probably the main driver. He is 27 and a bad influence. What kind of jail time might she expect.

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Level 4 Theft is a Class C Felony. It involves stealing more at least $10,000. With no prior record, she will likely be considered a Range 1 offender. That means her sentencing range is 3 to 6 years pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. 40-35-112. She appears to be elligible for probation and, perhaps, diversion--which means she would complete a period of probation and, if successful, the charge would be dismissed and her record cleared (expunged). However, that charge is not something to be taken lightly, and I strongly recommend she speak with an attorney.

W. Joseph Werner Jr.

W. Joseph Werner Jr.


NOTE: I practice in TN and answered pursuant to TN law. Make sure you seek an attorney licensed in Ohio (or wherever her case is).


Under Ohio Law a F-4 carries a maximum of 18 months. It is however probationable. New sentence guidelines in fact favor probation. Of course much depends on the particular facts and your Judge. If this is in fact a first offense it is possible that even a diversion could be done. Again depends upon which court and judge.
Important that you retain an experienced attorney. Hope this is helpful.

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