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My daughter turned 18,left on her b-day and never came back.She broke into our house stole the xbox360

Torrington, CT |
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we dropped the breakin and entering,but kept the larceny and criminal priors..what will happen and should we go to court with her.she is avoiding her mother at all cost,she is living with her 16 year old boyfriend and his mother....

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Impossible to say what will happen. Too many variables. The decision of whether you should go to court is strictly yours. If you do not want to go, you can always contact the state's attorneys office and inform them of your position with respect to the prosecution of your daughter.

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There are many possible ways this could end. Regardless, your daughter either needs therapy, treatment, or counseling of some type or she will end up committing an offense for which she cannot avoid.

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This is a heart-wrenching situation for all of you. Family counseling may help everyone sort out feelings and help you and your wife decide your next steps. Legally, the decisions of what will happen with the prosecution of your daughter lies with the state's attorney. As was wisely suggested above, you can speak with the state's attorney and let him/her know your position.

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