My daughter and I nearly attacked by neighbors dog

Asked 6 months ago - Phoenix, AZ

I was in the front yard with my 2 year old daughter, and my neighbor's garage door was open. Out of no where, their pitbull charged toward me and my daughter very aggressively, and it was about to attack. The dog had no leash and the owner just casually walked barely in timeand got the dog. He didn't even make any kind of eye contact with me. Seeing as how I was nearly hurt severely, what can I legally do or what action should I take if this were to happen again? This was not the first time that they just let their dog hang out either. He was in my front yard a couple of days ago?

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  1. Judy Feuer Zimet

    Contributor Level 9


    Lawyers agree

    Answered . You want to prevent an attack from happening in the future. When an unprovoked animal causes damage to people or property in Arizona, the responsibility falls to the animal's owner. The owner is also responsible for county fees related to impounding the animal. I suggest you hire an attorney to draft a well-written letter to your neighbor in order to notify him of the consequences of potential damage and the need for him to keep the dog on his own property.

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  2. Bruce M Squire

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    Answered . Report this to Maricopa Animal Care and Control. You might also consider a somewhat less legal, but more neighborly, approach and go talk to the neighbor about what happened and ask him to be more careful about keeping his dog on his property. If his dog does get off his property and injures someone, he could be held strictly liable under Arizona's dog bite and dog at large statutes.

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  3. Keith G Langer

    Contributor Level 19


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    Answered . The incident should have been reported to animal control when it happened.

    A camera will be useful in recording further incursions from your neighbor's dog.

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  4. Gary Ralph Ilmanen

    Contributor Level 18

    Answered . Report him to animal control for allowing his dog to roam off-leash. So far, you have no damages that would support a lawsuit.

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