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My dad was sent home from rehab center in Kidney Failure, is this malpractice

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My dad was a patient at a rehab center after a stroke. When he was released he had been complaining of intense pain and not eating or drinking much for 4 days as he had nausea from the pain. When they discharged him they gave him a rx for pain killers, but never investigated the cause of the pain. The next day we took him to the er and found him in kidney failure due to kidney stone blocking urine flow, and he has only the one kidney.

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You should have the records reviewed by a reputable attorney specializing in malpractice. It is unclear from your question I'd your father had lost a kidney before thus incident or as a result if it. If the latter, you almost certainly have a case worth pursuing.

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You need to show that the rehab center departed from the standard of care and that departure caused damage. If he would have had kidney failure anyway I don't see a case. If he can function on the one kidney without assistance I don't see a case. You need to get the medical records and have a discussion with an attorney who handles medical malpractice cases

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You need to get your father's medical records from the rehab facility and have them reviewed by a malpractice attorney to see if there was negligence.

Good luck.

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The posting is missing critical facts to properly analyze, but have a local med mal lawyer order the medical records and send to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care.

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he standard in a medical malpractice case such as you are inquiring about is whether the rehab center departed from the standard of care and that departure caused an injury. The answer to this question must come from a physician who is knowledgable about these issues. You should consult an attorney who regulraly handles these types of cases to make a determination whether there is a csae

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