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My dad is mentally, physically, and verbally abusive. I also believe he sells drugs. Can I gain custody of my sister?

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He is very abusive. He has hit me with a vacuum cleaner, choked me, all sorts of things. I am also very sure he sells drugs. His girlfriend was in the house one time when he beat me up really bad, she said nothing. Cops have come before and he made us all lie. He trained my, then four year old, sister to say "no" when they asked if he hits us. Not the best kids, but nowhere near the worst. Our mom died in 2008. My other sister tried to kill herself because of him. She took pills (the ones I think he sells-- he has tons and tons of them) and went into a self induced coma. She was 10. I graduate this year. When I become financially stable, can I take custody of at least one of my sisters? My father always threatens me saying I cant leave even if im 18 or he'll make my life hell. Please help!

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You need to go to DCF and get help for your siblings. You will need professional assistance, you are not going to be able to do this on your own. Call 1-800-96 ABUSE and be very detailed. You will have to tell them the truth when they come, but you can tell them you are afraid to have them come to the home and want to meet with them somewhere else initially.

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Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft


If you are not yet 18, you need to get help for yourself as well.

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