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My dad has filed for power of atterney of his wife whom ha dementia. A daughter has filed against this what rights does she have

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My father has taken care of his wife for many years even with the dementia he is a loving husband whom adores his wife this daughter wants power of atterney how can she obtain this when she hasn't even been around for any of her care through all these years

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  1. It sounds like perhaps the husband/father has filed for guardianship? You do not "file" for Power of Attorney. The principal, in this case the wife/mother, would sign a POA form GIVING POA. Since she has dementia, she may or may not have the necessary capacity to execute this form. That may be why guardianship proceedings are necessary. When such proceedings are contested, it can be very expensive and contentious. A probate attorney can be very helpful in such circumstances.

    James Frederick

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  2. I agree with attorney Frederick.
    It appears the your father has filed for a
    guardianship for your mother and the daughter is contesting.
    The daughter has very limited chances if your dad is competent
    and she has not been involved in mom's life.
    Dad is most likely represented by an attorney that will take care of this.
    If dad has obtained a POA document and mom was not competent to sign-different story and answer.

    The answer given does not imply that an attorney-client relationship has been established and your best course of action is to have legal representation in this matter.

  3. This sounds like a hard situation for your family. I think I need a little more information. Does anyone have power of attorney over your father's wife right now?

    Generally speaking, a power of attorney is a document that your dad's wife would have filled out, appointing someone to be able to manage her finances. This is not something that requires the court's involvement.

    Do you know if your father's wife's daughter has filed something with a court, asking to be able to make financial decisions for your father's wife? It might be that she has initiated conservatorship proceedings with the court. A conservatorship can be established when someone is no longer financially capable and needs someone else to manage their finances.

    I would recommend that your father contacts an attorney in your area, who would be able to tell him his legal rights and options.

    I hope that this helps!

  4. It is possible that the daughter will try to apply for gaurdianship/conservatorship of both parents in this kind of a situation. However, if the daughter has little contact and if the dad is competent, it will likely not be approved by the court. I find that many people simply do not understand the legal jargon and will sometime threaten family members with legal terms in order to get their way. This is why people need to get informed and get their legal affairs in order before they become physically and or mentally impaired.

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