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My dad had a stroke and when I got his death certificate it said he died from Staph infection

Hewett, WV |

He had a sore on his butt bone I know they didn't take care of him like they was suppose to. The only way he could got staph if they didn't keep it clean. So I was wondering if I could do something about it

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your father. But, who is "they"? Was your father living in some sort of a facility, like a nursing home, at the time of his death?

  2. Who was caring for your father? If it was a nursing home than consulting an attorney in that area to investigate may be warranted.

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  3. I assume you mean hospital or nursing home. Staph is common and not necessarily malpractice, but it can be depending on the circumstances. I would contact a local malpractice attorney in your area and get a copy of the medical records. The estate representative may have to order the records, I am not sure what the law is in your state but that is what we have to do here. Hope that helps.

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  4. Was your father in the hospital or a nursing home?

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