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My dad became a U.S. citizen and he is trying to make me a resident. Is it possible for my husband to become a resident also?

Naples, FL |

My husband and I are not married by law we are married by church.

We have 6 children and have been here for 15 years and 4 months. We are from Mexico.

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There is not nearly enough information provided to answer your questions. Your family needs to schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney to determine if you have any options for becoming a legal permanent resident.


Need more facts to give a good answer.
What country were you born in? that makes a difference.
In short, yes, your husband can get the same immigrant status in the FB-3 category (family based).
However, FB-3 is backed up for some years so even though your Dad can file now, there is still a wait for your green card to be issued/



Would we have to leave te county for our appointment or would we be able to stay here in the mean time. What would we have to do first if it is possible.


Assuming that you and your husband have entered into a lawful legal marriage then your husband can be included in the petition filed by your U.S. citizen father.

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Kyndra L. Mulder

Kyndra L. Mulder


Get married legally and, "yes," both of you can be sponsored by your father.

Carl Michael Shusterman

Carl Michael Shusterman


Good answer!


I agree with Atty Devore.

(213) 394-4554 x0 Mr. Shusterman is a former INS Trial Attorney (1976-82) with over 35 years of immigration experience. His response to your question is general in nature, as not all the facts are known to him. You should retain an attorney experienced in immigration law to review all the facts in your case in order to receive advice specific to your case. Mr. Shusterman's statement above does not create an attorney/client relationship.


You really should go speak with a lawyer. You may have more than one option.


Assuming that you are not living in the US without legal permission. Then yes, your husband and children can all get greencards .... in many, many years ... there is a waiting list for people in your classification FB-3.
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