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My credit has been destroyed by a theft / fraud ! 6 figures plus!!!!!!!! I don't want to and can't declare bankruptcy,.

Linden, NJ |

I'm trying to be resourceful. I don't even have a car anymore so I have started a business online. How can I get a loan for a car and rebuild my credit? I have heard that those credit restoral services are not legit. I have gotten a huge double hit!,. First I lost ALL of my money, and because of that, I have lost my creditworthiness in the eyes of lenders. I'm really trying to stay strong and positive, but honestly, most people I know couldn't have even stayed as strong and resourceful as I have. I'm trying desperately to use my brains, creativity and resourcefulness to make something out of absolutely nothing, however, I do know that I need help. The credit situation is creating additional havoc with my life, and incredibly unfair to me and my family.

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    I see that you are working with a lawyer and that's good. Am I correct that you have also reported the theft to law enforcements agencies, the credit lenders themselves, and the three major credit bureaus? If you have not done all of those thing yet, you should.

    Good luck!

  2. May I ask why specifically don't you want file bankruptcy? I am not saying you should, but if you are living in a state of havoc, it might be an alternative.

  3. A. Report this to the Credit Agency and give them the proof that it was identity theft.
    B. There are ways to protect potential litigation recoveries in bankruptcy.
    C. IF you ahve a business up and running try for an SBA loan or a loan in the business name.
    D. Give thoughts to bankruptcy after speaking with a bankruptcy specialist.

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