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My court ordered probation ended sept 20. Does that mean I am no longer zero tolerance.

Norco, CA |

I called the dmv and was told that although I completed the courts orders I still have to send in an sr22 for 6 more months because the probation for them didn't start till all my classes were completed. So once again I ask, am I still zero tolerance in the eyes of the law till April 2014?

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  1. Your question is confusing? what do you mean by zero tolerance?

  2. Has your court probation terminated? And vc 23152(a) provides for "driving under the influence" without specifying an alcohol content. It is always best to drive with zero in your system.

  3. You question is a little vague. I am assuming you were convicted for DUI (or other alcohol related) offense where one of the terms of probation was that you always drive with no detectable amount of alcohol in your system. If your court probation is over, then that term of probation does not apply to you. However, if you are under 21 years of age, then you will the California zero tolerance law will still apply to you.

  4. Always if you are under 21.

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  5. The DMV and you may be are confusing two things 10 torrent is when you're
    on court probation only the DMV requires an SR 22 to be on file for 3 years
    after an administrative action or conviction so there must be a timing
    issue of when the DMV got notice and when the three years for the SR 22
    proof of insurance requirement front but you are off court probation no 0

  6. You are best advised to not drive with any level of alcohol in your blood. Under 21, on probation, or not, a DUI prior is bad news for you and the consequences of a second offense are severe. Learn from your past. The answer to your question, however, is: if you are under 21 or on DUI probation, you may not drive with any measurable level of alcohol in your blood.

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  7. Yes, that is one perspective. This is great news and you are on your way to putting this behind you.

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  8. You are only subject to the 0.01% BAC while driving limit if you are under age 21 or on active DUI court probation. If you are over 21 and your probation ended, you are subject to the 0.08% BAC while driving limit and other impairment prohibiting DUI laws. The SR22 has nothing to do with zero tolerance.

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