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My contract that i signed with my employer says it can be terminated at anytime with or w/o cause but then

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it also says that the any unfinished pending tasks should be done by a replacement associate or the boss him/herself and that wage for the new worker will be deducted from my pay. I need help. also my contract doesn't state the term for contract and doesn't state 2 weeks leaving notice is required. I'm a mortgage loan processor so of course there are unfinished loans. but there is another loan processor who takes care of basic processing more and I just kind of recently was expected to learn about underwriting.
Because of unfair expectation and poor communication skills of my coworkers and boss I want to quit soon.
am i required to give 2 weeks notice?
and am i obligated to train a new worker?
and is my future pay going to be deducted?

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An attorney will need to read your contract and learn about how/when you are paid, etc. to answer your questions. If you are paid commissions on the loans you process, the company policy will need to be known. Call an employment law attorney to assist you. You should be able to find someone who will analyze your contract for a small fee. You don't need to give 2 week's notice and it is unlawful to deduct money from a final paycheck unless the employee agreed in advance in writing, but if you are paid commissions - whether the company can cause you to repay commissions not fully earned seems to be the issue. 949-481-6909.

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