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My car was taken last night by Toyota Financial Services, but what can I do to stop them from auctioning my Camry in 15 days?

Henrico, VA |

I am unemployed, but waiting on someone to tell me my orientation date so I can start my position "that night." I was at this job when I purchased my 2006 Camry in 2008. It is a weekly position. The company changed their name, but everything else remained the same. When I left my position and went to another company in 2008, that company laid off in 2009 and I have been having difficulties with finding employment, but I know going back to the first job I will be fine again on my payments and bills. I will like to know what options can I take in order to keep my car from being sold? Toyota wants $6,000 or over from me and my car note was supposed to be paid off next September. Should I wait for the letter from Toyota that will explain how much I need to pay and then find a attorney?

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You have asked this question a few times. Call a Bankruptcy attorney if you want to get the car back,

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I am assuming you can't raise $6,000 within a few days. File a Chapter 13 then you can repay the debt over a reasonable period of time.

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I've sent you a E-mail regarding my situation. I just want to know if you have received it. In the mean time what can I tell Toyota Financial Services in order to hold my car from being sold? That way I can talk to an attorney and file Chapter 13. I've just contacted the long term staffing company, but their on a hiring freeze. The person I've talked to told me that it is on a hiring freeze right now, but call her this evening and things might change. That's weekly pay 40 hours a week. That's the same job I was at when I purchased my car in 2008 and I always made my payments. I need my car. I'm a full time student and don't want to become a college drop-out because I had to loose my car. Please help me. I'm struggling so much right now.

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