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My car was stolen and then sold illegally to someone else. Cops won't help. What do I do?

Phoenix, AZ |

My car was stolen in June of 2011. I called the police and filed a stolen car report. For months since then, I've called and gotten no help with the situation. Then, on Feb 16, I received a letter stating that I was the registered owner of the car and that it had been towed by City Police. However, when I arrived that same day to the lot, the police advised me that the car had since been sold as it had temporary tags, and that there was nothing they can do, even though it's very apparent the car was purchased illegally. What steps do I have to take to re-claim ownership of my car? How do I pursue charges on the individuals involved? And can the police really just wipe their hands of this?

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1- What did your insurance company do when you claimed it stolen?
2- If you had no insurance, why not?
3- Years ago I lost my car, (no insurance) to a hit and run driver incident. I was luckily able to get compensation via the victims of violent crimes fund. If your state has something similar, that could be helpful.
4- You may still have other options against the folks who gave you about a day's notice re: disposition of the vehicle.
5- Try getting a consumer attorney involved. I believe you have an excellent one in your neck of the woods, Hyung Choi.

Good luck.

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