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My car was stolen, then impounded, now I must pay to get my vehicle out because my insurance doesn't cover it. why must I pay.

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I woke up in the morning and my car was gone. I had it parked in the front yard like I usually do. This happened on 3/8/2012. To my surprise the car was recovered the next day (3/9/2012). However, my car was stripped the only item stolen where my tires and rims(only item worth stealing in my car, had no radio or anything)basically a working car with nice tires. Now I'm not mad at the insurance company I'm mad because My car was stolen, now I'm stuck with a fee to get my vehicle out of the impound. I never received a phone call from the police department giving me any option on what to do with my car. The towing yard is charging me $225 for today (3/9/2012) and $40 for storage every night vehicle stays in. I'm the victim here and now I must pay to get my car out, or hand over the pinksl....

pink slip. My insurance is just liability, so I doubt they would cover the towing cost and missing items on my vehicle.

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    Unfortunately, the vehicle's owner is charged with the towing, storage, etc. charges. Call your insurance agent and review your policy one more time to see if you can find coverage. Also, if you have an automobile club membership, they may assist you with towing your car back. Given the ongoing storage charges, try to pickup your vehicle as soon as you can. You can trying speaking with the towing yard manager and see if they can give you a break on the charges, but that is not very likely. If the police ever identify the perpetrators, you can certainly take the to court for your money damages.

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