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My car was searched without a warrant when the police raided my friends house no permission given we were there doing laundry

Huntsville, AL |

there was a search warrent for two of my friends and there property but not myself or my vehicle i was in my friends home some distance from the car and was detained for questioning only untill they searched my car without permission and found a small amount of drugs in my purse was this search legal

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Probably not. If the car was yours and not owned by persons in warrant, the search was probably bad. They can search the yard and property but probably not visitors cars. Get an attorney. If you need help in Huntsville, call me at any time. 256-534-3435. I have handled hundreds of drug cases.

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Robert Pecco Baker

Robert Pecco Baker


I agree that the search was most likely invalid but I see this risk. If a pigheaded prosecutor decides to proceed, and lucks out with a law and order judge, then the asker will lose the suppression hearing. If the evidence comes in she will lose the trial and have to appeal the evidence ruling. This will cost a ton of money. So, the point of maximum leverage is before the hearing. I think she should explore diversion and expungement as a graceful way out of this for both sides; that is assuming such is available in her jurisdiction. You have the experience- I am sure you can handle this for her successfully. Good luck to both of you.


A close case but I would say that the search was invalid. Get an atty and say nothing to the cops. Good advice- the criminals blabbing to the cops on crime shows- morons. For a small amount of drugs in your purse I do not know if the prosecutor will want to go through a suppression hearing and trial. Depends on what drug, the amount and your record, if any. Atty may lobby for dismissal, or perhaps diversion and expungement which I would take if I were you. Put the money you would have to spend toward legal fees into the drug rehab process and move on.

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