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My car was crashed into 3 weeks ago and only heard once from his insurance co. What should I do?

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They claim that he hasn't filed a claim (filed a report at the police station after an officer handed me the guys insurance card) with them yet so there is nothing they can do. I have been calling non stop and I have only heard back once from them in the past 3 weeks and I just received a letter from them saying the claim is unresolved because there is still an investigation going on. And it's my only car that I use every day to and from work. Please help

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  1. Consult a personal injury attorney ASAP to get the insurance company to start doing there job.

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  2. We're you injured? How much damage to your vehicle?

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  3. If you have comprehensive coverage through your own insurance, use it. Report the claim to your own insurance company and let them deal with the at fault party's insurance. If you don't have coverage, you should speak with an attorney.

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  4. Do you have your own insurance? File a claim with your own insurance company, if you have rental car coverage, get a rental car and let your company fix or replace your car if it is totaled. Your company will go after the adverse driver and you won't have to worry about it. If you don't have insurance, keep calling the adjuster, provide an estimate for repairs, get the check, fix the car and then buy your own policy of insurance. Get good liability coverage including underinsured coverage. You need that in case you are injured by an uninsured driver. Uninsured drivers are not only law breakers, but very foolish and inconsiderate people.

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  5. If you were injured, retain a local personal injury lawyer. If not, you can simply report this to your own insurance company to resolve.

  6. Having a car accident claims where the at fault parties insurance is stalling usually requires a call to an attorney. There are some reasons that claims are delayed such as a delay in police report, insureds' failure to cooperate, inability to contact witnesses, or other reasons. Your options are to contact an attorney, submit the claim to your own insurance or wait. In some cases, claimants will call the insured themselves to verify if this is true. I have had many say it is false. If so, report the adjuster to the department of insurance and to their supervisor.

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  7. You need your car. To make someone non-responsible take action would take time and money. Make a claim with your own carrier if you have the coverage. If you do not, you could get an attorney to help you out.