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My brothers wife has filed a false report against my boyfriend

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My brother left his wife a month ago and moved in with me and my boyfriend, and she has been demanding he return home. She tells everyone my 11 daughter and I are on drugs and her kids cannot be around us. She went so far as to call the police on my boyfriend and tell them she thinks he is sexually abusing my niece. This woman is crazy!! She has completely cut both her family and our family out of the kids lives. She calls the police on everyone and files some kind of report stating something happened with the children. My boyfriend is now heartbroken and scared. He has never even been left home alone with my nieces so there is no truth to her story. My niece admits my boyfriend never touched her . Do we have any rights?

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You can file for a restraining order. Also, filing a false police report is a crime. Keep track of everything. And protect your boyfriend by never leaving him alone with your niece until this is all over. It's sad, but people have been convicted of child sexual abuse based on false allegations.

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You can file a restraining order based on threats and false accusations. But not much really, no.

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I agree with the previous answer. You should file the paperwork to seek a temporary restraining order against this woman. If the police seek to talk to you and/or your boyfriend, both of you should hire attorneys to help you deal with the situation. Neither you nor your boyfriend should speak to the police without your attorneys present.

Juan C. Garcia, Jr.

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