My brother was deeded out parents house before my father went into a nursing home does he also get all the assests in the house?

Dad has passed and my sister is sending us paperwork to sign for the funds available from the Trust, to be split between the four of us. I want to know if the assests in the house are included in the deeding of the house to him? I think the assest should be sold? I also think that since my brother owns my parents house, that he should either sell the assests or give up his right to the amount from the Trust that my sister is doling out. The assests equal more than the amount being split from the Trust?

Bremerton, WA -

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Peter Jay Visser

Peter Jay Visser

Probate Attorney - Lynden, WA

There is no way to answer this question without more information and reviewing all of the paperwork that was done at the time.

My advice is to contact an attorney experienced in probate litigation, and follow the advice you receive.

There is no attorney client relationship between the persons who asked and answered this question. You should... more

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