My brother's wife put my dog to sleep behind my back. Can I sue for this?

Asked 9 months ago - Springfield, MO

I sent my dog to stay with my brother's family. Before I handed the dog over, I told him that the dog sometimes gets nippy but h s not actually attacked anyone. My brother said not to worry and took the dog from me anyway even though he as two small children. When his wife was told that the dog nips, she took it upon herself to put my dog down before even telling me that she was doing this. There was no report of my dog having nipped or growled at her or her children.

I'm devastated. Worst of all, she didn't even give me a chance to take the dog back. Is this a crime of animal cruelty and if I sue, will I be able to get back what put in to retain an attorney?

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  1. Andrew Daniel Myers

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    Answered . There have got to be many more facts to this, for example why did you send the dog, did you actually give them the dog? What kind of a veterinarian would put down a dog brought in by someone not the owner. So, consult with an attorney to review the facts. Without all of the facts I can't offer an opinion. If someone did that to my dog there would certainly be a remedy that would be pursued correctly and properly through the legal system even if it were only for the "value" of the dog.

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  2. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . I'm very sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, the value of a dog would be small, and you would likely pursue in small claims court.

  3. Keith G Langer

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    Answered . You can bring an action in small claims court without an attorney. Your main issues will be ascertaining the value of the dog (include your investment in vet treatments) and the lack of authority and basis for destroying your pet.

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  4. Michelle L. Radloff

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    Answered . It is important to consult a dog/animal attorney in your area to determine what the typical outcomes are of cases in your area. Yes, you can take her to court. Small claims is likely to be your best option. You may want to look at filing a police report also.

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