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My brother married a woman three months ago and just found out he was never divorced from his 1st wife.

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my brother and his first wife have been separated for 20 years and told him he was divorced. He got remarried three months ago and was told this week that his first wife never divorced him. Is the second marriage valid?

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  1. Your brother needs to see a matrimonial attorney very soon. He needs to check the records in the Office of the Clerk of the county where he lived at the time that he thinks the divorce was done. If there is no record of his divorce than he has some real problems.

    You brother should consult with a local attorney who concentrates in divorce matters. On-line advice is no substitute for an in-person attorney consultation.

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  2. If your brother was never divorced then his second marriage is not valid. He should consult with a divorce attorney and file for divorce immediately.

  3. Technically, the 2nd marriage is void. He will need to commence a proper divorce with his first wife. I would recommend, as odd as it may seem, that your brother obtain a new marriage license in connection with his second wife once this issue is resolved. Certainly seek legal counsel for further guidance.

  4. Told by whom? First, your brother must confirm the status of the first marriage. If paperwork was started, it is possible that a divorce was granted on default. If he discovers that the first marriage was not disolved, then the second marriage is void, and your brother must file and be granted a divorce from his first wife before he can marry the woman he wants to be married to now. I suggest your brother consult a local attorney to help expedite the process if he finds that the first marriage was never ended.

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  5. Under the facts as you state them, No. He is not legally married to his second wife until he is legally divorced from his first. Usually he would have been required to show a divorce decree when he applied for the marriage certificate, unless he stated that he had NOT been previously married. That usually prevents these things from happening.

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